Monthly Archives: May 2017

Digital Marketing Skills in High Demand Right Now

Are you looking to beef up your skill set as a digital marketer? Seeing as digital marketing is one of the most lucrative industries in the world, this isn’t a bad idea. With just a laptop and a simple internet connection, your possibilities are limitless as a digital marketer. In fact, digital marketing is a […]

Building your Personal Brand

Building your personal brand is absolutely necessary if you’re a professional who hopes to get ahead in the global job market. From freelancers to corporate employees, this process will help you stand out and beat the competition. Be sure to focus on creating expert content, establishing a quality visual design, and staying recognizable in your […]

Ways to keep employees happy

All employers want to foster a positive environment that will breed the best morale and work ethic. Even a drill sergeant wants to instill a sense of confidence and positive energy into his troops, despite the seemingly tough love approach to his orders. When it comes to an office or corporate environment, routines can get […]

Small Business Growing Pains

A successful business is every entrepreneur’s dream. However, growth often comes with challenges that may put a strain on the business. In this article, we examine some of the most common growing business pains small businesses encounter. We will also look at innovative solutions to counter these challenges. Recruitment An expanding business requires more employees […]

Cheaper Alternatives to Conventional Problems

It seems that pennies have to be pinched harder than ever these days, with healthcare being no exception. While sitting back and waiting for the government to fix things is probably not going to bear fruit, there are a few ways to reduce the amount you’ll have to spend on essential medical care during your […]

Ways to protect your data

Your computer serves the purpose of entertainment and internet access on one hand, and a means of storing valuable information on the other. While you can deal with any loss in videos, movies, music and video games, a loss in vital information can be a disaster. You need to find ways to protect your computer […]

Tips for Making Employees Love Their Office

As a general norm, the majority of adults spend most of their waking hours in their place of work. That being said, unhappy employees can not only bring business functions to an all-time low, but they can also create an atmosphere that everyone dreads coming to every day. No one wants to spend their entire […]

How Hackers Break into Computers and How to Prevent It

Right now, this very moment, millions of hackers across the globe are trying to break into your computer. They want your bank account information, social security number, social media logins, and anything of value they may be able to scrape from within your computer. There seems to be a new story every day about major […]

Money-Saving Tips from Successful Small Businesses

Many small businesses are doomed to fail within their first 18 months in operation. This is mostly due to entrepreneurs focusing too much of their energy and resources to increasing total sales; most small business owners don’t know that lowering their expenses is also important to maintaining profitability. It’s important to get theoretical advice on […]