Tips for Making Employees Love Their Office

As a general norm, the majority of adults spend most of their waking hours in their place of work. That being said, unhappy employees can not only bring business functions to an all-time low, but they can also create an atmosphere that everyone dreads coming to every day. No one wants to spend their entire day in a miserable limbo of trepidation. That is why it is so important to cultivate an office environment that your employees will love to work in.

Gratitude Goes a Long Way

For many employees, lack of recognition can be the nail in the coffin of productivity. Recognition and letting your employees know you care doesn’t have to be some grandiose event. Amelia Wilcox (CEO of Incorporate Massage) did an interview with Forbes and said that it can be as simple as being involved with your employees. Genuinely caring about their lives, successes, and tribulations. If you are able, let employees leave an hour early on Fridays every once in awhile as a sign of appreciation for a week of hard work. These little indications of gratitude can go a long way.

Rewarding those that Earn It

Don’t be afraid to give kudos when they’re due. Some smaller offices may not be in a position to show their gratitude with raises or perhaps don’t have the ability to provide an abundance of benefits. However, there is almost always an option to promote from within. Even if it’s as simple as making someone a team leader, that gesture of recognition goes a long way for morale. When there is a clear track of progression, people are more inclined to work toward those conclusions. However, it’s important to reward employees for what they have achieved during their day to day. explains, “It’s natural to focus on what’s ahead rather than reflect on how much has been achieved. Taking time to reflect, though, helps employees appreciate how much they have done.”

Create an Environment that Everyone Loves

When a space becomes so sterile that it lacks any atmosphere whatsoever, employees’ spirits nose dive into ineffective, labored, and unhappy depths. There are simple, tangible things that can create a space that is comfortable and enjoyable to be in for eight plus hours a day. If it’s appropriate, play music. Get comfy office chairs because ergonomics can make a huge difference in the physical comfort of your employees. Get an office coffee machine and your employees may even come in early. Don’t hesitate to invest and provide employees with a quality machine to help them start off the day on the right foot, you can view reviews of the top espresso machines at Consumerfiles. Fashion your business into a place that you yourself feel comfortable and your employees will likely follow suit.

When you make it a business goal to create an office that is beloved by your employees, you will find that the day to day of work is less tedious and more rewarding. From simple things like material office appliances to business ideations that encourage growth and productivity, there are countless ways employers can help employees love their office.

Adam Richards

About Adam Richards

Adam Richards is a semi-retired business professional originally from Bangor, Maine. He spent the majority of his career in sales and marketing where he rose to the marketing lead of a Fortune 1000 company. He then moved on to helping people as a career counselor that specifically helped bring families to self-sufficiency through finding them rewarding careers. He has now returned to Bangor for his retirement and spends his free time writing. This blog will be about everything he learned throughout his career. He'll write on career, workplace, education and technology issues as well as on trends, changes, and advice for the Maine job market and its employers.