Monthly Archives: June 2017

Dealing with Financial Stress in Retirement

Professional economists warn of an impending retirement crisis in America. Largely gone are the days in which an employee could expect to work for a major corporation for 30 or 40 years and draw a nice pension for life. Today, saving for retirement is left largely to the employee, and employees are not doing the […]

How Do I Get an Internship?

Be Inquisitive During The Interview Interviewees sometimes make the mistake of asking about the interviewer’s personal life and history. While it might be important to create rapport, that is not the best approach. Instead, you should ask about the internship itself. Show the interviewer that you have intellectual curiosity about the position. Understand The Company […]

Trading Strategy Review

What is a Momentum Trader? Momentum trading is ideal for impatient traders.  Momentum trading is when a trader looks for momentum and a currency that is moving in a specific direction and jumps in hoping that momentum will continue.  These traders look for high volume and significant movement in one direction or another.  When the […]

How to get a career in graphic design

Graphic designers are becoming a more common field of interest. They develop advertisements, media, news, print, and much more. Plus, with technology on the rise, the skills of graphic designers are becoming more unique and complex to master. This guide will help you piece together how to get a career in the graphic design industry, […]

Separating yourself from the competition

These days, many people have decided to start applying for jobs in order to pursue their vocational dreams. If this is the case for you, now is the time to think about what strategies you can implement to become a more competitive job candidate. Below you’ll find several techniques you can use to realize this […]