6 Ways to Improve Your Office Aesthetics and Boost Appeal

Even if you feel content with your current office, improving your office aesthetics is an effective way to boost your employee’s confidence and brighten their day. The 21st century has transformed the workplace from just being the face of the company to being a second home to you and your employees. While it has been emphasized that quality office decor impresses and intimidates in equal measure, there are other perks that come with styling up your office. So, does styling up the workplace make a productive workforce? Researchers suggest that going the extra mile when polishing your workplace helps to make employees comfortable, reduce stress and ultimately increase productivity. Check out these six ways to upgrade workplace aesthetics en route to boosting appeal.

  1. Light up the office

In addition to reducing utility costs, studies show that natural light in a working environment also improves employee health and clients spend more time in the office. Office work can be strenuous. Good lighting increases the ambiance, boosts alertness and makes even the toughest tasks feel less stressful. Utilizing lots of glass in the office can help welcome more natural light. Consider indirect lighting or soft colored bulbs. Keep in mind that lighting and color go hand in hand. Therefore, for optimal lighting, choose bright colors to help reflect light in the office.

  1. Make your walls interactive

Plain dull walls are likely to lower employee morale and bore guests and clients. Paintings and other forms of art on your office walls can inspire and recharge everyone who walks through your doors. Decorating your workplace with elegant paintings also gives personality to your company. Eye-catching professional canvas reproductions bring out a sense of sophistication and can create a polished look in the office. A great piece of art easily becomes the center of attention and draws people away from other less desirable elements of the room.

  1. Get some plants

Decorating your office with a soothing plant can help your employees relax during stressful situations. Besides, studies also show that plants have the ability to filter the air hence removing bacteria and mold from your workplace environment. While giving the office a cool and fresh environment plants also make the office feel lively making it a nicer and better place to work. However, not all plants are suitable for an office environment. When getting a plant for your office, consider picking one that requires little or even zero maintenance.

  1. Define your look

Aren’t you tired of always thinking inside the box? Far too often, people rely on ideas provided by other parties instead of coming up with unique ideas. Instead of rushing to your computer and searching for ideas, take a moment and test your creativity skill. Other than copying from other sources, try and break into a new style. However, be sure to take your time and try new looks to see which office decorations best fit your company. You’d be surprised what uniquely tailored decorations can do for your business.

  1. Introduce digital printing

Adding personalized vinyl graphics, decals and wall murals will significantly boost appeal in your office. Digital printing not only helps liven your workplace but also improves your branding. You can decide to implement digital printing through hallway graphics. Hallways are accessible to everyone in the company. Do not miss on the opportunity to use them and help boost employee morale while impressing clients. Digital printing allows you to tell a comprehensive story about your business but in a more attractive and stylish way.

  1. Internal acoustics

Today, businesses are getting rid of closed offices and embracing open-space offices. However, while open offices encourage collaboration, they are quite distracting. In fact, recent surveys suggest that employees are always distracted when working in open offices. Therefore, to curb the destruction some companies are using acoustic screens, panels and sound masking systems. Internal acoustics reduces frustrations caused by distraction and also improve office appearance.

Many firms have elevated their plain offices into more sophisticated areas by improving on aesthetics. When choosing your office décor, it is imperative to pick productive aesthetics. Bottom line, when your office looks awesome, the more confidence and charisma your employees will acquire. On the other hand, a drab and uninspiring environment kills morale.

Adam Richards

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