Monthly Archives: July 2017

Six ways to make customers love your small business

Building a loyal customer base doesn’t mean just one visit to your storefront or website. You need to actively cultivate relationships with customers and provide services and products to which they respond. Especially as a small business owner, being customer-driven is important to your overall success. Offering a unique, one-of-a-kind product helps, but you still […]

Things to consider when relocating for a job

Congratulations, you’ve just gotten a new job offer. Just one thing – you have to move. Figuring out if you should pack up all your stuff to start a new life somewhere else is not an easy decision to make. While the salary that comes with the job or position can be attractive, there are […]

How To Appeal Your Audit

Every taxpayer wishes to receive a “no change” result at the end of an IRS audit. The result means that your tax return was accepted, and you don’t owe any additional tax liability. However, there are frequent disagreements between the taxpayer and the Internal Revenue Service regarding the results of the audit process. As a […]