Ways to Enhance Employee Productivity

Employee productivity plays a key role in implementing major company tactics as well as customer satisfaction and engagement strategies. It creates a strong foundation for company growth, success and sustainability. This post will look into some of the strategies you can employ to increase employee productivity.

Recognize Your Employees

Studies show that recognizing employees has a direct impact on their productivity. An employee who feels recognized experiences an increased emotional commitment and the desire to deliver more with their work. Companies who tend to recognize their employees are 14 percent more likely to increase their production volumes than companies who don’t. For recognition to be effective, it is important you do it on a regular basis.

Enhance Communication

You should have an effective two-way communication within the company. A proper two-way communication builds strong work relationships and collaborations. Without this, your business processes will stall and production will decrease significantly. Make sure you communicate clear expectations and responsibilities to everyone. Create an enabling environment for better interactions across all departments and put more emphasis on the future instead of revisiting the past. If there is a problem, learn to approach it in a sober and positive way, rather than shouting and throwing insults.

Focus on the Happiness of the Employees

Spending too much in an office setting can create a negative impact on the employees’ productivity and well-being. Your employees should have a work-life balance in order to gain happiness and become more positive. Someone who feels happier and more positive is 31 percent more likely to be more productive than someone who doesn’t. Let your employees know there is more to life than work. Organize team building activities once in a while and create weekly happy hours and workplace outings. Encourage them to take some time off and spend quality time with their families. When the employees are happy, they will approach their jobs feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and productive.

Set Achievable Goals and Provide Feedback

Employees become more motivated if they know and understand what they need to achieve. Make sure you state the company’s goals and vision clearly to provide guidance for everyone. The goals should be set on a short-term basis to motivate the employees to manage their speed in executing tasks to meet the set targets. In addition, provide clear and detailed feedback so the employees know they are under supervision. Do not be afraid to address any errors as well as failures in meeting targets.

Get Your Employees the Right Productivity Tool

Most employees do not keep track of their daily activities well. As a result, they miss deadlines on important projects and fail to control the amount of time they spend on tasks. This leads to reduced levels of productivity as well as low-quality output.There are tools like Actitime that helps employees track their time and plan their daily activities. A good tool should enable them to keep schedules, register leaves, create weekly timesheets, estimate tasks and keep costs under control.

Measure Employee Productivity Regularly

Measure the activities and productivity of your employees regularly. Measuring helps you see the entire picture and compare the results you get with the previously recorded ones. This way, you can have a clear understanding of the areas that have improved and those that require more attention.

Set Standards

You need to set standards for the employees so that they know what the company expects from them. Clearly state to them their assigned roles as well as what they should be doing on a daily basis. Without a clear set of expectations, your employees will find excuses when they fail to achieve their targets. In addition, take care of the aspirational needs of your employees by giving them the opportunity to advance professionally and develop their skills.

Embrace Telecommuting

Studies show that people who work from home are 13 percent more productive than those who work in offices. So let your employees telecommute to save the time they could have wasted traveling or preparing for work. Allowing them to work from home will enable them to maximize every minute they do have available. Not to mention, working remotely makes them happier, which leads to increased productivity.

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