What to Prepare for When Taking a Trucking Job

Truck drivers play an important role in our economy. Without them, a lot of food, as well as consumer goods, wouldn’t be reachable to consumers. With a job as important as this, drivers are willingly taking risks in order to keep certain industries alive.

Driving a truck is often thought to be one of the most dangerous jobs due to the extremely high rate of car accidents. According to National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, over 300.000 car accidents happen each year. One-third of them are followed by injuries while 3.000 to 4.000 of people that maneuver with large commercial vehicles end up in fatal accidents.

Although truck drivers are demanded to drive cautiously and are experienced in what they do, they’re faced with a lot of traffic which they can’t have an influence on. This is why they encounter numerous risks whilst on the road. The only thing that a driver can do to lessen his exposure to danger is to rely on himself and prepare beforehand.

On-Road Risks

One of the biggest problems that drivers are faced with is fatigue. As they are supposed to drive sometimes up to twelve straight hours, there’s not enough time for them to rest their mind and bodies. With tiredness, they have slower responsive reactions to anything happening in front of their vehicle. Thirteen percent of all road-deaths are caused by these conditions.

Bad weather is one of the most common reasons for truck accidents says attorney Stephen Babcock. Make sure to check conditions before heading out on the road. Icy curves are very dangerous, especially for large commercial vehicles. Rain is also treacherous because of the weakened sight. Psychological and vehicle preparation while choosing routes are things you should consider in the occurrence of nasty weather.

Sometimes drivers suffer accidents due to vehicle breakdowns. Be sure to always check your truck before getting on the road in order to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Brakes, lights, fluid levels and the horn are main things you want to take care of before getting behind the wheel.

Distraction is one of the main reasons why accidents occur. Long distances can be boring and that’s why drivers find numerous ways to entertain themselves. As modernization led us to using our mobile devices more than needed, it has also led to a lot of disasters. Eating and drinking are sometimes only manageable in the cabin. This can also distract drivers from the road.

Health Risks

As truck drivers spend a lot of their time seated, it is almost impossible for them to exercise or perform any type of physical activity regularly. This often leads to problems with obesity. In fact, 32% of drivers are suffering obesity issues, including bus drivers, garbage collectors, crane operators and truck drivers. Obesity is very dangerous and can lead to a number of different diseases. Although it may be hard, truck drivers are advised to regularly exercise and to maintain a healthy diet in order to avoid numerous health problems.

Because of their body position, a lot of truckers experience back and neck pain. This can lead to stress-related issues, and it can be extremely hard to focus on driving if you’re in an anxious state. Mood disorders are also common for unstable drivers. Mood swings are often coupled with sleeping disorders, which will make it harder for you to maintain your focus.

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