9 Tips to Help Sell Your Home Faster—and for More Money

When people look to sell their home, they can be a bit confused on what they can do to help make the sale of their home go well. There are multiple concerns when selling a home. Most home sellers want to be assured they are getting the best price for their home and can sell it quickly.

However, selling a home quickly and for a good price is not always an easy task unless the real estate market is thriving. But there are things that can be done to help a home sell quicker and for a good sales price. These are the top nine tips for a quick well priced sale.

1.Marketing-Marketing is often key to selling a home, and while exposure for a home in advertising is essential, there are other key ways to ensure the home is marketed properly. Having the home listed on the state’s MLS system is key to getting important exposure whether you choose a realtor or a flat rate service fee company to list the home with.

Make sure all the primary assets of the home are mentioned in the listing and that it can be found easily on the internet. Understanding competitive homes that have sold quickly for a good price can be essential to marketing similar key assets of the home properly.

2.Fix and Repair Home Maintenance Issues- A home that has several obvious maintenance issues that are not addressed, makes buyers get nervous that the home may have hidden serious defects that have gone unnoticed as well. Home maintenance issues that are left unrepaired usually make the home sell for significantly less than it would if the home was well cared for. Many active buyers seek out well cared for homes. Homes with deferred maintenance can sit on the market longer which can reduce the sale price.

3. Price it Right- One of the best things a home seller can do is price the home right to begin with. If a home is overpriced it can make the listing drag on the market for an extended period of time. If this occurs than the home can become well known by the realtors as being an overpriced home, making them shy away from showing it.

There are times when homeowners are looking to get the best price they can for a home and they are willing to wait for the best sale price possible even if it takes a while. If this is the case, the home should be placed on the market for six to eight months. If it doesn’t sell after that time, it might be wise to take it off the market for several months and then relist it. If the price is reduced after six to eight months than keeping it on the market can be wise. Price reductions often drum up new interest in a home.

4. Make the Home Bright and Cheery- Home buyers get more interested in a home that has a cheery comfortable feel. If the home has darker rooms because of dark colored painted walls, it would be wise to paint them over in a lighter neutral color, décor should also be light and cheerful.

5. Declutter the Major Rooms- This can be especially important to help home buyers be able to envision what their furnishings will look like in the home. Additionally, remove pet and child toy clutter. If the rooms are cluttered, most buyers will find it difficult to see beyond the clutter. This often makes for a tough sale which can take longer than average.

6. Curbside Appeal- Make the outside of the home look well cared for with good curb side appeal. Large piles of brush, untended garden areas and damaged exteriors of a home can make potential buyers discount the value of a home. Sometimes it can make a potential buyer not even view it.

7. Staging a Home- This is a popular proven sales tactic. This means doing everything possible to make the home look beautiful with a high focus on the décor’. Making the home look like the pages of a Home magazine can help a seller. Most buyers like well cared for beautiful homes.

8. Easy Showing Schedule-Make the home easy to show. If scheduling a home showing is difficult and realtors can’t get into the home without difficulty, it can be a big detraction to a sale. Making the home available in the evening and weekends is important.

9. Lots of Good Photos-Make sure there are many attractive interior and exterior photos in the listing. This will help prospective buyers be more intrigued to look at the home.

Adam Richards

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