3 Ways to Cut Your Company’s Web Hosting Costs in the New Year

With the new year coming around, everyone is looking for ways to try to save money and cut costs. One of the ways that companies can cut costs is to look at their website. In today’s age, having a website is an essential part of communication and marketing. While some people believe that building, publishing, and maintaining an internet domain is expensive, it does not have to be. There are several ways that companies can cut the costs of their website hosting that could allow them to place money elsewhere. By taking these steps to decrease the cost of hosting a website, companies will be able to do more for their business in the new year.

  1. Purchase a Package for a Longer Period of Time

One of the easiest ways that companies can decrease the costs associated with their website hosting is to purchase the services for a longer period of time. Remember, website hosting is a subscription-based service. Companies who purchase these services for a longer timeframe are going to receive discounted rates. Furthermore, by purchasing hosting services for a longer period of time, this will keep the website up and running for not just months but years into the future.

  1. Try to Use a Single Service

While this might involve a bit of legwork, another way to save money is to find a single provider for email, web-hosting, and other services related to the internet. Shop around and try to find some all-inclusive deals. When companies rely on different providers for email and web-hosting, this often becomes more expensive. Some companies will provide security services, SEO, content creation, email, and web hosting for a single price. This can save a company a large amount of money. Furthermore, these all-in-one packages often come with a variety of sales, special deals, and discounts as well.

  1. Purchase More Storage and Bandwidth

When companies are first trying to get started, they try to limit the amount of space that they have. This might seem like it makes sense because a smaller amount of space is cheaper. In reality, this is a bad idea. Every company that grows is going to need more storage space and more bandwidth. Trying to add on this extra space and speed to an existing company is expensive. Furthermore, having this limitation makes it hard for people to access the content on the site. Purchase more storage and more bandwidth upfront. It allows more people to access the site and is cheaper than trying to add the space and speed later. This will pay off with significant dividends later.

  1. Use an Affiliate or Referral Program

One of the other ways to cut the costs of web hosting is to take advantage of the referral program. Many hosting services provide incentives that could eliminate the costs of web hosting. By referring new customers to the hosting service, companies can reap the rewards that are offered. Usually, this comes in the form of an added credit to the existing or upcoming bill. 

Adam Richards

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