Safety Tips for Summer Family Vacations

Summer is the prime time for a vacation, and over 100 million Americans alone will each year. Families spend a lot of time planning, checking prices and making sure that they have all of the items they need for their trip, but too little time goes into safety planning.

If you’re planning on going overseas or even to a different part of the country, a few tips can help make your family vacation a safety success.

Experts recommend:

Heeding the Advice of Travel Advisories

Travel advisories should not be ignored no matter how badly you want to visit a destination. International destinations often have travel advisories if there is excess violence, scams or threats to travelers. Angola, for example, has a Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions advisory, but Antartica has a Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution advisory.

In terms of Antartica, the threat is not human-related.

The main threat in the region is environmental, with extreme weather posing a serious risk to travelers.

If you were planning to visit El Salvador, you may want to reconsider, according to the advisory. Violent crime and gang activity are very common in the area – probably not a place you want to bring your family members.

Consider Family Trackers for Teens

If you’re going to allow your teens to walk across the street to get pizza in Italy or to walk around a city center alone, you may want to consider family tracking apps. Your smartphone may have tracking apps installed, or you can opt for the GPSWOX family tracking application to keep a close eye on family members.

These apps allow you to view your child’s location at any time, provide alerts if the child leaves a location and allows you to easily locate a child if they get lost.

Research Local Scams in Your Destination

Local scams are targeted towards tourists, and they work very well. One scam, for example, occurs in Italy where a very young child will approach you. The child will divert your attention while someone else steals your valuables.

Since the child is part of the scam, a lot of tourists don’t even realize that their camera or phone is missing until it’s too late.

There are also a lot of pick-pockets in Italy, but this is not just common to Italy – scams are everywhere.

Read through forums and travel sites to know what scams to be worried about before going to a destination.

Hold Off on Posting Your Pictures Online

You’re excited about traveling to a new destination and want friends and family to join in on the fun. Sharing pictures is a great way to show the world the amazing time that you had, but it’s not the best safety practice.

The key main issue with posting pictures online is that anyone and everyone will know that your home is empty.

A lot of thefts occur when a person is on vacation because thieves can easily see when you’re not home. If a theft took place two weeks ago and suddenly, you come home to a ransacked home, it may be very difficult for police to find the thieves.

It’s best to wait until you return home to post your vacation pictures online.

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