Three Interior Design Tips for Small Businesses

It’s time to update your office lobby or small retail space, but you’re at a loss how to pull off a fresh, cohesive look that fits your business. Here are a few tips to get you started. Creating Lighting and Window Effects Create window-like effects. Windows open up any space to make it seem bigger. If […]

Can Influencers be Held Liable for Defective Products?

In a world run by social media, it can seem as if everyone is an influencer. From Twitter to YouTube and Facebook, social media influencers are sharing their opinions and recommendations on everything under the sun – including products. But what may seem like an innocent personal review may actually be considered an endorsement. Now, […]

7 Ways to Make Working from Home Easier

According to data from Forbes, close to 30 million Americans work from a home office at least one day a week. Whether you’re a self-employed freelancer, a business owner or someone who telecommutes rather than going into the office each day, working from home means comfort and convenience. It can also involve a lot of stress, and […]

4 Company Benefits Small Businesses are Offering to Attract Talent

Company benefits are a major part of attracting talent in today’s fast-paced, competitive workforce. Businesses, especially small businesses that are at a disadvantage from the start, need to be able to compete with large-scale organizations. The workplace is competitive, and younger workers aren’t afraid to switch jobs often. But offering the right mix of benefits […]

The Advantages and Pitfalls of a Joint Venture

A joint venture allows multiple parties to pool their expertise and resources to carry out a task. This task may be a business activity or a unique project. While there are many advantages to joint ventures, there are some pitfalls that need to be considered before moving forward. The Advantages Joint ventures offer many advantages […]

How to use social media for businesses

If you’ve never engaged on social media marketing before, this form of marketing is completely different than the traditional marketing you’ve likely worked with in the past. The customers on these platforms are looking for a specific type of content when they log in on Facebook or Instagram, which is why it’s necessary to alter […]

5 Steps to Take When Hiring Foreign Employees

An international workforce can help a business succeed in a global market, but hiring foreign employees can be a complicated process. Working with an attorney can help, but it helps to understand the general process. 1. Start Early Because the process can be complicated and lengthy, it’s important to get started early on. It can […]