How To Overcome Setbacks In Your Life And Career

Have you experienced a failure or setback in your life or career? The reality of life is that major setbacks can happen even when it seems like you are doing everything right. While many people try to avoid failure, this is not always an option. It is what you do after a setback that determines whether or […]

How To Stay Healthy When Life Gets Busy

People today lead busier lives than ever before. From busy moms and dads who are just trying to keep up with everyone’s extracurricular activities, along with paying the bills to the busy professional who is working night and day to stay ahead at work, it can become easy to neglect little things in our lives […]

Low Cost Ways to Grow Sales

No matter the size of your business, marketing can take a chunk from your budget. Some resources are larger, but maybe yours isn’t or is almost non-existent. Finding a low-cost solution suitable for your business is a snap if you know where to look, what’s helped in the past, and if you’ve kept records of past […]

How a Prenup Can Help Protect a Small Business

In business, you wouldn’t dare think about taking on a project without a contract in place. A contract protects all parties involved and outlines actions to be taken if things go wrong (e.g. someone doesn’t pay on time or something prevents the project from moving forward). When it comes to affairs of the heart, we […]

How Business Can Solve Environmental Problems

For the longest time, humankind was under the impression that the world was so large, there was no way we could have a negative impact on the environment. Fast forward to 2018, and our oceans are suffering from pollution and overfishing now more than ever, greenhouse gas emissions have been peaking for years affecting both the health […]

How Law Firms Are Changing

Relentless innovation, change, and disruption is the key themes to lawyers again this season. As legal specialists position themselves into surviving the harsh and troughs of this ailing economy, many trends have emerged in the law industry. These changes are essential since they enhance productivity, efficiency, and competition in the global market. These changes result […]