4 Ways to Improve Your Sales Numbers

Most marketers come up with strategies and implement them to improve their sales numbers. If their sales numbers appear to improve, they guess their strategies are effective and keep using them. However, if they see no increase in these numbers, they continue looking for better ways to achieve their objectives. When sales teams behave this way, sales and marketing are seen as trial-and-error games. If you get the right strategies, however, you will not treat them the same way. Read on for strategies that you need to improve your sales numbers.


Your sales representative’s day should mainly be made up of “selling time.” Each of their days should mainly be characterized with communicating with your customers and also your potential customers. However, if you do not put the right sales strategies in place, your reps can be caught up with numerous administrative tasks and lose a lot of time in the process.

As a sales manager, your duty is to help your sales reps prioritize their tasks. One way to do this is set as time in the morning for administrative duties such as returning phone calls, booking appointments, and checking emails.

When you get all the administrative works done all at once, you save a lot of time and help your sales reps remain focused on selling. Most world-class sales organizations have management teams that help their sales representatives prioritize opportunities and get the required administrative support at the most appropriate times.

Leverage Your Top Performers

Identifying what makes your top performers keep doing a great job and what inhibits your poor performers from achieving their targets is also your job, and the way you manage it will determine whether you will be able to improve your sales numbers. Take your time to assess the habits of your team members so that you can figure out accurately what is working for each of them and what is not. Borrow a leaf from the world’s most successful sales organizations. Research has shown that 89 percent of them understand this secret and leverage the best practices of the best performers to improve the performance of everyone.

Analyze Data

Many people think that only large enterprises have the capacity to use big data, but small business too can easily make the best use of this resource. “Every marketing strategy is centered on data, right from an email campaign, webinar invitation, whitepaper download to form completion and sales follow-up,” says Mark from Thomson Data. Making sense of the data can be a little overwhelming for small businesses. However, you can easily realize the myriad of new sales opportunities that are at your disposal and increase your sales numbers once you learn how to integrate the information into your own decision-making processes.

For example, if you know how to analyze your old sales data and identify that sales tactics that work for you best, you will be able to refine your approach and improve your sales numbers gradually. Input all your data from past leads and sales transactions in CRM software to achieve this. And when you have a large amount of raw data, visualize it through centralized dashboards such as Geckoboard to be able to track progress and monitor relevant metrics easily.

Increase Your Marketing

Boosting your marketing is an obvious way to increase your sales if you are using the right strategies. Since quantity does not necessarily mean quality, maximize your results by careful planning, monitoring, and test-marketing your results. If you want to learn the type of messages that speak to your target audience, conduct marketplace research. Run ads and promotions in a few locations and evaluate the results before investing a lot of money. Develop more relationships. For example, you can you can develop cross promotions with businesses that do not compete with you but have the same target customer and partner with charities to get the promote your line.

By using the right strategies, you discover that sales and marketing are not guessing games. If you prioritize, leverage your top performers, and expand your marketing, there are high chances that you will meet your sales targets. Use data analytics also to give you the ability to see for yourself exactly what your sales strategies are achieving. With so many businesses now using this technology, if you fail to embrace it, you may find you are losing to your competitors.

Adam Richards

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