7 Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the main room of the house where most residents spend time throughout the day. From prepping food to entertaining guests, it’s a great space to feel at home with other family members. If you want to update the setting and allow it to look contemporary, there are a few important ways to transform the kitchen.

  1. Install a Backsplash

Backsplashes add a high level of design in kitchens and can include different types of patterns or color shades. Subway tiles are considered to be one of the latest trends and looks urban with its design. You can also use black subway tiles to create a warm touch that is unexpected.

  1. Use Oversized Lighting

Oversized lighting will make a statement in your kitchen and will draw the eyes upwards. Consider a dramatic chandelier or a sleek drum pendant that will have a high level of impact. Overhead lighting is affordable and is to install on your own of with the help of an electrician.

Starburst chandeliers are also a popular choice that is retro and hip if you want added edge in your kitchen. The metallic design of the product will add extra shimmer and shine to the room for an upscale environment.

Sconces are an ideal option for smaller kitchens and can add extra character instead of using track or recessed lighting overhead.

  1. Update Your Cookware

Old, dingy cookware can be an eyesore when you’re cooking in an elegant and beautiful kitchen. Make it a point to update your cookware when you want to cook like a professional in the comfort of your home. Choose a set that looks uniform and has a shade that works within the color scheme of the kitchen.

  1. Install New Hardware

The hardware that is used on your kitchen cabinets should look sleek and modern. The hardware will update old cabinets that were built in past decades with the use of black or metallic knobs and handles.

The cabinets are also easy to update by restaining the wood or painting the surface with a fresh coat of paint.

  1. Put Dishes on Display

If you want to create more space in your kitchen and allow it to appear roomy, you can consider putting your dishes on display instead of keeping them hidden and out of sight. Install open shelves that will make everything easy to access. Your antique bowls and plates can contribute to the design of the room and will make the room appear more eclectic instead of allowing the cabinets to be the focal point of the setting.

  1. Install New Flooring

The type of flooring material that is installed in the kitchen will determine the overall design and quality of the room. Consider adding hexagon tiles that are unique and will incorporate plenty of design. Choose different colors of tiles to create more dimension on the floors. If you don’t want to spend the money to install a new material, consider painting wood floors that look worn. Choose a bright color shade if your kitchen is mostly neutral to make the floor pop. You can also sand down the wood floors and restain them to make them appear modern and luxurious.

Purchase new rugs that are fresh and will also decorate the new floors once the project is complete.

  1. Use Rustic Elements

Rustic elements add a cozy touch that will make the kitchen inviting and warm. Farmhouse accents are an attractive option and can include installing an apron sink, a sliding barn door, and a ceiling rack where your pots can be put on display. Consider hanging decorative copper pots on the rack to make the products stand out more. Rustic elements will soften modern features that are installed and will prevent the kitchen from feeling cold or overly industrial while remodeling.

Your kitchen significantly influences the value of your home and should be updated to ensure that you can show it off to your guests. With the right materials and products installed, you can enjoy spending more time in the setting and getting plenty of use out of the space.

Adam Richards

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