Monthly Archives: November 2017

Identifying Workplace Hazards

One of the greatest causes of workplace incidents is not identifying them beforehand. That sounds simplistic, but how does a company maintain a systematic and thorough oversight of workplace hazards? The issue involves looking at processes and at people with an eye to what could happen, what is likely to happen and how it can […]

The future of telepresence and mobile apps

One major characteristic of technology is changing. Innovations and developments are always changing the face of technology. These improvements are happening to make technology more applicable and convenient for users. Not long ago, telepresence and mobile apps were fascinating people. Today, the same people are anticipating more value from them. Shortly, various advancements will continue […]

Top 7 Benefits of Video Marketing

Any marketer worth his salt knows that video marketing is compelling, attractive to consumers, and something every strategy should be integrating. This trend picked up fast and has shown no signs of slowing down. Here are the top benefits of using video as part of your marketing strategy. The combination of video and audio is […]

How to Start a Business Online

Starting an online business is an excellent opportunity if you don’t have the capital to open a storefront or buy a franchise. The good thing about getting involved in this business is that you can reach out to millions of people instead of waiting for walk-in. However, you will be required to sell quality products […]