5 Business Trends For 2018

As we move deep into 2018, lots of predictions are available across all forms of publications for the business year.

As we all know, most of these predictions rely on the possible actions which top-notch organizations in the business world would take to set new records and break more grounds.

Here are some of the new trends you should watch out for if you want your business to grow in 2018.

Better Consumer Experience Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been around for a while now but was regarded as one of those technological rocket science theories.

Well, this is sure going to change in 2018 as big business enterprise are now sinking billions of dollars for the research and development of Artificial intelligence in the hope of improving their client’s experience with the technology.

Some businesses are already utilizing AI in their day to day operations, and their customers are happy with the development.

Unlike our regular traditional machines which are designed to carry out straight-forward tasks without changes or adaptation, AI makes use of better human-like technology that allows the device provide a better user experience.

This does not mean that AI threatens humans. No, companies will only take advantage of the technology to strengthen their workforce. The combination of both artificial and human intelligence will go a long way in improving the quality of services rendered to the customers, thus expanding the clientele base and throwing in more cash.

The fall of Social Media

You may be surprised by this prediction, but this is the truth. Social media has reached its peak, and the laws of depreciation are about to set in. Social media is no doubt an essential form of communication. A lot of businesses depend on it, but the world is evolving, and we have seen all social media has to offer.

Live interactions are gradually sipping back to businesses, and the time will come when every critical business decisions will be handled by all parties present live.

Many businesses have used the social media community as the primary plan for social interaction and have paid dearly for the mistake. Companies are now seeing the needs for real live meetings, events, and communications with their clients. This trend will undoubtedly grow stronger this year.

Communal Training of Professionals

Leading companies all over the world are beginning to realize that the traditional remote training of their major professionals bears little or no results. Training your staffs while they remain in your office will limit the chances of getting the right exposures required.

This is why cooperative learning is beginning to take center stage, unlike the remote method of training, communal learn one-on-one conversations that allow people to share their knowledge and ideas for mutual growth and development.

This has the edge over remote learning that limits your staffs to just online training which can be very dull and cumbersome.

This is why companies are seeking social training avenues for their staffs. Thus, public training through real-life interactions or even social forums is now the way forward. This training allows professionals meet new people, share their experiences, confusions and also develop their networks for the good of their organizations.

Mobile Apps Gaining More Prominence

Mobile apps are now a force in the world of digital interaction. Business transactions are carried out on the move as customers can now buy anything from cars to even hiring live entertainment with just a click on their mobile devices.

Leading organizations across the globe are now making good use of mobile apps. You will inevitably be left behind if your business does not have a mobile app in 2018.

The Crowning Of Blockchain

From being a vehicle of financial disaster to one of the acceptable means of payment across millions of platform worldwide, Blockchain has simply made it in life.

If you had an investment of just $200 in blockchain way back in 2007, by now, you would have more then $8,000,000 richer. Bitcoin, which the most successful e-currency in the world today on the blockchain technology.

Leading organizations are now beginning to accept the blockchain technology and even identify with the technology. By the end of this year, an organization that is yet to collaborate with the technology stands a risk of falling behind the curve.

The primary threat which scares off governments and companies from the technology is the possibility of the digital transaction offered by blockchain to replace the traditional banking system. However, many organizations are beginning to realize the right sides of using the blockchain technology. The technology allows you to control your financial transactions instead of relying on someone else’s efficiency.

These are my predictions for the 2018 business year. The world of business has never been stable, and this year is going to witness some bizarre twists and turns in business operations.

Adam Richards

About Adam Richards

Adam Richards is a semi-retired business professional originally from Bangor, Maine. He spent the majority of his career in sales and marketing where he rose to the marketing lead of a Fortune 1000 company. He then moved on to helping people as a career counselor that specifically helped bring families to self-sufficiency through finding them rewarding careers. He has now returned to Bangor for his retirement and spends his free time writing. This blog will be about everything he learned throughout his career. He'll write on career, workplace, education and technology issues as well as on trends, changes, and advice for the Maine job market and its employers.